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Jiaogulan Herbal Tea loose leaf - 100 g | SANUS-q
Jiaogulan Herbal Tea loose leaf - 100 g | SANUS-q

Jiaogulan Herbal Tea loose leaf - 100 g

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Jiaogulan Herbal Tea loose leaf - 100 g

Brew a warm cup of soothing Jiaogulan tea and be ready to experience a healthier and energetic YOU!! And if you are feeling anxious and stressed out, Jiaogulan herbal tea will do wonders to calm you down, reduce your stress levels and giving you an energy boost that you so need.

Jiaogulan or Gynostemma pentaphyllum is an herb mostly grown in Southern China. But it is also common in Thailand, Japan and some regions of southeast Asia. Natives from mountainous regions of Southern China have been using the herb as a general tonic and a folk medicine to fight fatigue, improve stamina, sleep well and alsoto treat cold, infections and ulcers. Locals also call it ‘Xiancao’ or ‘The Immortality Herb’ due to its incredible health benefits.

What makes Jiaogulan a special herb is that it is an adaptogen, a class of herbs known for their ability to maintain overall balance in the body. These herbs are unique in sensing what your body needs and work accordingly. Adaptogens also help your body to deal with any kind of stress better.

Jiaogulan is loaded with saponins, bioactive compounds that are responsible for most of its health benefits including its ability to work as an adaptogen, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Jiaogulan also have a regulating effect on your immune system.

Main Uses of Jiaogulan Tea

  • Reduces stress and calms the nervous system
  • Improves body’s antioxidant capacity
  • Improves immunity
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Provides energy boost and reduces fatigue
  • Helps maintain balance in the body
  • Reduces the risk of urinary bladder infections
Why should you buy our Jiaogulan Herbal Tea?

  • Hand-picked and 100% organic Jiaogulan leaves
  • Free from heavy metals, pesticides or other chemicals
  • Sun dried leaves to protect its vitamins and minerals from degradation
Precautions and warnings

You can use adaptogenic herbs like Jiaogulan for long term without any toxic side effects.   However, we don’t recommend taking Jiaogulan if you are taking blood thinners or drugs that supress immune system and lower blood pressure.

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