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Jiaogulan Herbal Tea powdered (vegetable) capsules - 500 mg | SANUS-q
Jiaogulan Herbal Tea powdered (vegetable) capsules - 500 mg | SANUS-q

Jiaogulan Herbal Tea powdered (vegetable) capsules - 500 mg | SANUS-q

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Jiaogulan Herbal Tea powdered (vegetable) capsules - 500 mg

Beneficial in stress and fatigue

Don’t let stress and fatigue take control over your life. These capsules made from organic Jiaogulan will help you rejuvenate and deal with daily wear and tear.
Jiaogulan is a powerful adaptogen, a rare category of herbs that help you adapt to stress. And it is not just emotional distress that can make you worry endlessly. Fatigue, poor sleep, chronic pain, toxins and long-term health issues can also stress you out. As an adaptogen, Jiaogulan creates balance and harmony across various body systems including your adrenals and immune system. This helps you fight stress and diseases naturally.

Jiaogulan supplements also improve how your body fights oxidative damage caused by free radicals. The herb helps the body produce its own antioxidants. These internally produced or endogenous antioxidants are much more potent in minimizing oxidative damage in cells, which may help in preventing inflammation, premature cellular ageing and development of chronic diseases. All these benefits at the cellular level mean long and healthy life.

Main Uses of Jiaogulan Herbal Tea Capsules

1. Supports overall health and normal body functions
2. Improves energy levels and reduces fatigue
3. Reduces stress
4. Boosts immunity
5. Restores hormonal balance
6. Maintains healthy sugar levels

Precautions and warnings

Adaptogens like Jiaogulan are non-toxic and exert no side effects even if taken for long durations. However, jiaogulan supplements are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and young children. Avoid taking Jiaogulan tea capsules if you are on blood thinners or taking medications for blood pressure. Individuals taking immune-suppressant drugs should also refrain from taking these supplements.

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